Revival Member Applies For “FTR” Trademark

The Revival
The Revival

Wrestling fans might be familiar with the term “FTR” as it relates to WWE tag team The Revival. Whether that stands for “Forever The Revival” or something else entirely, they are taking steps to protect and monetize the phrase.

According to the US Patent and Trademark office, a Daniel Wheeler of Winter Park, Florida (Dash Wilder) registered an application to claim the phrase #FTR back on January 1st for “Entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer.”

Many fans noticed that on Monday’s Raw, Dash and Dawson had #FTR on their trunks during their lumberjack match against Raw Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.

The Legend of #FTR

The Revival has had a friendly rivalry with The Elite going back to 2017. The Revival and The Young Bucks have taken some jabs at each other, which was the genesis of #FTR (“F” The Revival). The Elite even sells an #FTR shirt at Pro Wrestling Tees, which might become a collectors item sooner or later based on the trademark filing.

As for what they declared the hashtag stood for, TR=the Revival but there has been some debate over what the F stands for.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have a different opinion of what it stands for, however: