David Arquette Honors Luke Perry After Wrestling Jungle Boy (Video)

David Arquette recently honored the late Luke Perry after wrestling Jungle Boy for Bar Wrestling.

David Arquette and Luke Perry were good friends. In fact, when Arquette was injured following a deathmatch at a GCW event, it was Luke Perry who drove him to the hospital. Arquette wrestled Perry’s son, AEW’s Jungle Boy, last night in the main event of a show at Bar Wrestling.

Following the match, Arquette honored his late friend and spoke about how much Perry’s friendship meant to him.

Jungle Boy replied to the tweet, writing, “I’ll remember this forever. Thank you for everything. Family.”

Justin Cotterell was in attendance and snapped the following shot of Arquette and Jungle Boy:

The match itself involved the use of pop rocks and coca cola. There used to be an urban legend that such a combination could be deadly.

David Arquette and Luke Perry Friendship

Arquette has noted that Perry helped get him his role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“He actually helped me get that role in Buffy,” Arquette said to People magazine. “He campaigned for me and put in a good word. I had to audition and still get it, but it really helped that he was in my corner.”

Arquette would continue to speak about what a great guy Perry was.

“Luke was just such a tremendous friend and just an incredible person,” he continued. “Everyone loved him. He had such incredible wit and humor. I have so many memories of him. I mean, when he got cast for 90210, he was renting a room in my mother’s house where we grew up, so it was a really exciting time for him.”