David Arquette Responds To Jake Roberts’ Criticism

David Arquette’s recent return to the professional wrestling world has been met with a lot of criticism. Arquette won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship back in the early 2000s. This came shortly after his success in the film “Ready To Rumble,” which was a big hit with the professional wrestling community.

WCW made the decision to bring in Arquette for real storylines, and he eventually won the World Title. Arquette’s reign as World Champion was viewed as a huge embarrassment and a key contributor to WCW eventually going out of business. Almost 20 years later, however, Arquette wants to earn the respect of the professional wrestling community and lessen to blow his reign had on his reputation.

He has been competing on the independent circuit for the past few months. Recently, Arquette took part in a controversial Hardcore match with Nick Gage. On a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts reviewed the match with Joe Rogan. Roberts doesn’t seem to be much of a fan of Arquette’s in-ring work. The Hall Of Famer told Arquette to get a “day job.”

Arquette Responds To Roberts

Speaking to Booker T on the “Heated Conversations” podcast recently, Arquette responded to Roberts’ comments:

“I was supposed to do a Game Changer event during SummerSlam, I think, in New York, and it didn’t work out with my schedule or whatever, so I had to back out last minute and I was supposed to wrestle Ethan Page, who is an incredible wrestler, and so is Nick Gage.

“I’m not knocking that guy, but it wasn’t gonna be a hardcore match. It was gonna be a regular match, but then Joey Ryan got injured recently, so they had a slot open up and it was in L.A., my hometown. Nick Gage, I wasn’t really aware of him. I knew of him, but I wasn’t really aware of the extent of the whole thing.

“After I started researching him [laughter], I’m like, ‘What am I getting myself into?’ So, I agreed to do it and I’m crazier than some people know. Hollywood definitely knows. That’s why I don’t work quite as much as maybe I’d like to, but I’m real. I always loved Mick Foley, I always loved Terry Funk, – I always loved Jake “The Snake” until he said I should get a day job. I got a day job, Jake The Snake, I got a day job, thank you.”

What do you think about Arquette’s responds to Roberts?

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions