David Benoit Talks Dealing With Trolls Online and Dark Side of The Ring

Chris & Nancy Benoit

VICE recently released episode 1 of the new Dark Side of The Ring series. The episode centered around the tragic murder/suicide of Nancy, Daniel and Chris Benoit. Another of Benoit’s sons, David, recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss the two parter documentary and how he has to deal with the negative elements surrounding the situation on a near daily basis.

“I still get trolled all the time on Instagram” Benoit began. “I get rude comments and, you know, I just block them and you know I just forget about it but you know it hurts a little bit.”

Busted Open co-host Bully Ray would elaborate further on the question, asking “does it hurt a little bit? I’m not, I’m not trying to be too harsh on you. But I would think that it has to hurt a lot, because it’s something that you can’t really escape from. Despite the fact that you’re your own man. And you got, you know. One of the things that you know struck me was that that smile on your face in part one of the documentary. You seem like a guy that just wants to enjoy his life. And it’s just so difficult to get out of the shadow of what happened in the past.”

David Benoit would reply and finish by saying “You know when we were filming it, we were talking about the good times. I was just smiling, having a great time and then towards the end there. You know I just, I broke real hard. And then, Chavo came up and gave me a big hug during it.”

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