David Otunga Says He’s Focusing On Non-WWE Work, Trying Stand-Up Comedy

The following are highlights of an Always A-List website interview with David Otunga:

On if he has left WWE: “No, not yet. I’m still with them. I’m focusing on some other stuff, but I’m looking to get back there. I’d like to win a singles title. But you haven’t seen the last of me.”

On making his stand-up comedy debut at the Chicago Improv last Friday: “I had this opportunity to do this program where I met with this standup comedy coach a couple times. I met with the guy like three times and I got to do my own set. It was pretty crazy man, but it was really fun.

Leading up to it you’re really nervous because it’s just you and a mic – that’s it! Just up there with a mic entertaining people. As soon as I started and I got that first laugh, I was like this is awesome. With WWE, I have so much experience talking in front of crowds. Usually I’m trying to get people to boo me, but here I’m trying to get people to laugh.”

Check out the complete interview at AlwaysAList.com.

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