David Starr Promo Silenced by Ring of Honor

Independent performer David Starr will be challenging Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor title on 4/21 in Netanya, Israel. Starr cut a promo for the match and in doing so critical of Sinclair Broadcasting’s politics. The ‘Jewish Cannon’ accused Sinclair of being a “corporate propaganda machine.”

Starr was asked to take the promo off of the internet by IPWA (Israeli Pro Wrestling Association). The promotion where the bout will be taking place.

IPWA were contacted by ROH and the American company were very upset with the politics being included with the promo. There are several other reports saying that ROH are threatening to pull Lethal from the show. This would be if the promo didn’t get removed. There has not been any confirmation of this. There’s a belief that IPWA are fearing that would happen if the promo isn’t taken down.

David Starr recently sent out a tweet saying. “Last night, I posted a promo for my historic championship match on April 21st against Ring of Honor champion Jay Lethal. In Netanya, Israel for Israeli Pro Wrestling Association. I, have been asked by the powers that be to remove said promo. Out of respect to IPWA, who have already paid for Jay’s very expensive flight and accommodations, I will comply. My complying with this request is not an admission of wrongdoing or a retraction. I stand by my entire statement and do not regret any of my actions regarding this subject.”

At the time of writing the match will still be taking place. Lethal is still scheduled to head over to Israel in April.

You can check out the full promo below: