Dragon Ball Z Voice Actor Interested In Working For AEW

AEW has a lot of people excited. One of those people is voice actor Kyle Hebert

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

As professional wrestling is preparing for a new major promotion on its horizon, talent from other fields are expressing interest in joining the industry. The latest is Kyle Hebert, the famed voice actor from Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter, and other video games. In response to a fan suggesting to Cody Rhodes that Herbert would make a nice addition to AEW’s production team, Hebert said he would “soooo be all over this.”

Hebert is also the voice of Ryu in Street Fighter. He does several background voices for Red Dead Redemption II too. The Southern California native also posted the following photo of himself dressed in AEW merchandise yesterday:

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While on last week’s episode of Being the Elite Peter Avalon was hired and fired from the promotion, comments made by Sean Waltman (a friend of Avalon’s) indicate he will actually be performing some role for the company. His million-dollar contract, however, is likely not real.

Bellator heavyweight and former WWE World Champion, Jack Swagger, also expressed interest in AEW recently on Jim Ross’ podcast.

“I could not be more excited about it,” Swagger said in regards to AEW. “I feel like it’s changing the landscape of professional wrestling. It’s providing competition. I know, Jim, you’re like me. I believe competition makes everyone better. So this is great for pro wrestlers. This is great for the boys in the back – it gives them someplace to go, it gives them leverage.”