DDP Believes AEW Could End Up Helping WWE’s Ratings

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke to Wrestling Inc. about AEW’s arrival and WWE’s current product.

On Wednesday, it was officially announced that AEW would air a weekly TV show on TNT later this year. With such a move on a big-time TV network, which is the same that WCW aired on, many fans are excited about the possibility of such a move will bring to the pro wrestling business.

DDP brought up how when WCW went against WWE they didn’t split the rating WWE was getting. Instead of dividing the wrestling community, they increased viewership and both companies benefited.

“The WCW fans came over too and they just kept increasing the ratings. I think what’s happening all around with wrestling is gonna help the business.”

DDP was also asked if WWE will get a rub from AEW arriving on the scene with their ratings, which have been declining for several months now.

“I don’t know because WWE is the juggernaut. But AEW is doing something completely different,” said Page. “WWE is rated G and is for families. [AEW] is not aiming for that, they are aiming for an older market, really…

“Cody’s like my nephew, but I think it’s great for wrestling in general and it’s definitely great for wrestlers. In sports entertainment, when there is one dominant force and nothing else, you don’t have to work as hard. Coke and Pepsi exploded because they were going against each other. Competition makes things better and I’m excited for the boys.”