DDP On Cody Launching AEW: “It’s F***ing Amazing”

Whether or not AEW will be a success will be revealed in future but with signings like Chris Jericho and Pac, for now, the company has certainly left the wrestling world buzzing.

Various Wrestling personalities have been talking about the promotion in recent times and DDP, who is very close to the promotion’s Vice President Cody Rhodes, joined this list during his recent interview with WrestlingInc.

Page first talked about his early days in wrestling and recalled how Dusty Rhodes was one of the first guys who believed in him which gave him a lot of confidence.

When asked about Dusty’s son Cody starting his own wrestling promotion with The Young Bucks and others, the WWE Hall Of Famer said that ‘it’s f***ing amazing’:

“It’s f***ing amazing, I’m about to put an interview out with him – the last two years we’ve filmed me talking to Cody of what happened last year. Last year he came light years from leaving the WWE and this year it’s like warp speed. He’s like my nephew and I’m enjoying watching it. It’s amazing.”

Continuing on the topic, DDP remembered the atmosphere at last year’s All In event and said that he wants Cody to have the greatest success ever.

Finally, Diamond Dallas Page claimed that with AEW’s launch, things are closest they have ever been to the Monday Night Wars Era and implied that he is excited to see what happens.

Apart from this, DPP also talked about Ric Flair loving his Dusty Rhodes impression and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.

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