Dean Ambrose Reportedly Broke From Script During WWE RAW Promo

Dean Ambrose breaks from the script on Raw during his in-ring confrontation with Seth Rollins

On Monday’s edition of WWE RAW, Dean Ambrose offered some encouragement to Seth Rollins headed into WrestleMania.

During the start of the third hour, Seth Rollins was in the ring to hype his upcoming match against Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. He was interrupted by Paul Heyman, who warned the Royal Rumble winner about what’s in store for him in the months ahead.

Dean Ambrose then came out and went face-to-face with his former Shield partner in the middle of the ring. Rollins handed Ambrose the microphone. Ambrose kept things brief and said, “I’ve only got one thing to say to you: Slay the Beast.”

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the script for RAW called for Dean Ambrose to say a lot more than he did. Meltzer and co-host Bryan Alvarez questioned why Rollins would simply hand the microphone to Ambrose after all they’ve been through. They jokingly asked what a lot of fans at home were probably thinking, “Are you guys buddies now?”

Apparently the Raw script called for Dean Ambrose to set up his “Slay the Beast” line by making amends and talking about their history of starting out together and their time in The Shield with Roman Reigns. For whatever reason, Ambrose kept it short and omitted the storyline explanation of why he is now supporting Rollins.

Later in the show, Ambrose went on to defeat Raw newcomer EC3.

WWE recently announced that Dean Ambrose has opted out of signing a new contract. He is expected to leave when his current deal expires in April.