Dean Ambrose To Appear On Raw This Week, Top Ten Sinister Superstar Traps

Dean Ambrose To Appear On Raw This Week

Dean Ambrose was not present for last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. WWE explained his absence with an angle of several pre-taped videos where he was seen trying to avoid Milwaukee.

Now the company has announced via the following video that the Lunatic Fringe will make an appearance at tonight’s episode of the show to address his TLC opponent and Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins:

It’s possible that we will finally see a confrontation between these two stars for the first time since Ambrose’s heel turn last month and it will be interesting to see what Rollins has to say if it happens.

Top Ten Sinister Superstar Traps

WWE posted another one of the top 10 videos from their YouTube account recently and this time it features the top ten ‘Sinister Superstar traps’.

The list begins with Mr. McMahon setting up a trap for arch-rival Stone Cold Steve Austin during a Royal Rumble match and beating him up with help from other wrestlers.

It has a lot more Steve Austin and also features some other trap angles which see a number of top superstars getting ambushed. You can check out the video posted by WWE below: