DEFIANT Magnificent Seven (03/16) Full Card

DEFIANT Wrestling will be presenting their Magnificent Seven event this Saturday from Sunderland, England. The company will be hosting the show on their Access Defiant service which you can check out with a free 30 day trial. The annual Magnificent Seven elimination match will be accompanied by tons of action on PPV, as well as a taping of one of the company’s weekly episodes of Loaded (airs the following day on YouTube).

The full card for the event is now set and is as follows:

  • Rampage (C) vs Rory Coyle – Defiant World Championship MatchAfter defeating Primate in his last Defiant match at our last iPPV. Rory Coyle has now targeted Rampage. The longest reigning World Champion, in a match that has become increasingly personal. Rory Coyle has attacked Rampage both after a match and at his training school. He is trying to entice the Animal out of Rampage. Could it be the rise of the Sick Boy, or will the record breaking reign continue?
  • Kanji (C) vs Lana Austin vs Lizzy Styles – Defiant Women’s Championship Match
  • Visage vs Los Federales Super Santos Jr vs MJF vs Man Like Dereiss vs Benji vs HT Drake vs Conor Renshaw – Magnificent Seven Briefcase
  • Martin Kirby (C) vs El Phantasmo – Defiant Internet Championship Match
  • No Fun Dunne (C) vs Omari – Defiant No Fun Championship Match
  • Joe Hendry vs Gabriel Kidd
  • Justin Sysum vs John Klinger

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