Deleted Scene From Owen Hart Documentary Released

Owen Hart is arguably the most notorious prankster in wrestling history.

Owen Hart

In the build-up to and following the season 2 finale of VICE’s Dark Side of the Ring, the topic of Owen Hart’s death has made frequent headlines. Unfortunately, much of this news is focussed on the way Owen Hart died. In a recently released deleted scene from the documentary, however, Owen’s fondness for practical jokes and his sense of humor take center stage.

VICE has recently released the below deleted scene from the Dark Side of the Ring episode on Owen Hart. In the scene, several wrestling personalities detail Owen’s infamous ribbing.

Evidently, Owen’s pranking was not limited to his wrestling life. His son Oje recalled a story of Owen ordering pizza for the family in the deleted scene.

“Dad was interested in getting pizza so he calls the number and he puts in the order. About 30 minutes later his friend walks in the door and he says ‘hey, we should get pizza.’ and (Owen’s) like ‘yeah, yeah we should get pizza.’ So he pretends to phone again and is like ‘Yah, I’ll get the thin crust, pepperoni pizza with extra this and that.’ Then, of course, the pizza shows up a minute and a half later and the guy’s like ‘f**k, did you cook that in your car?”

Martha Hart also spoke about Owen’s sense of humour in the scene.

“One time we were jogging and there was this big group of runners just passing us and Owen was just a little bit ahead of me. Just as they were passing us, he looked back and he yelled ‘would you stop chasing me, I told you I don’t want to go out with you!'”

Owen Hart Prank Stories

More stories are told including Owen having a bunch of pigs loaded into Vince McMahon’s office. Jim Ross told a story about Owen calling him pretending to be Stu. D’Lo Brown and Jim Cornette also tell stories in the scene.

There is actually a book published on Owen Hart’s infamous ribs. The book is titled “Owen Hart: King of Pranks.” It can be purchased here.

The full scene can be viewed in the player below: