Desi Hit Squad To Invade Impact Wrestling Next Month

Earlier this year, Impact Wrestling announced the signing of the Great Gama Singh. The 63-year-old Indo-Canadian was arguably the most hated heel in the history of Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling territory.The plan is for Gama to lead a faction of Indian wrestlers in Impact named the Desi Hit Squad.

Desi Hit Squad member, Rohit Raju, revealed on a recent Impact Wrestling media call that the Great Gama will be present at the upcoming TV tapings in June.

“I can’t wait for the June tapings because that’s when myself, Gursinder (Singh), and Gama were going to be together,” Raju said. “I don’t know if everyone else will be there but at least us 3.”

Impact Wrestling’s next set of TV tapings will be held on June 1st and 2nd in Windsor, Ontario. The company is building towards their July 22nd PPV in Toronto.

“I’m headed up to Canada soon to learn from the Great Gama,” Raju stated.

The Great Gama and the Desi Hit Squad

“When Gama gets there, and Gursinder gets there, we plan on shaking things up a little bit” – Rahit Raju

The Great Gama Singh was arguably the most hated heel in the history of Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling territory.

In the 1980s, Gama formed “Karachi Vice”, a heel stable which feuded with the likes of the Dynamite Kid, Owen Hart, and other top babyfaces. Gama, who is Jinder Mahal’s Uncle, was so hated at times that he reported receiving death threats.

“Yeah man, I honestly hope we raise hell in Impact. I hope we are vile, villainous, disgusting, ugly individuals,” Raju exclaimed. “I know Gama has that in him and I know he can pull it out of us. So yes, I want to replicate Karachi Vice and I want to do all that stuff. I want to get down and dirty and put Impact upside down.”