Wednesday, December 2, 2020

WWE Hall Of Fame 2013 Induction Ceremony Live Report

Thanks to SESCOOPS.COM’s own Michael Shalik, who is live at the WWE Hall Of Fame 2013 induction ceremony at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

Terry Funk Introduces Mick Foley

Out first is WWE Hall Of Famer Terry Funk, who will be inducting fellow hardcore legend Mick Foley. Funk talks about how Foley is the reason he is a professional wrestling fan. Funk mentions how he loves Foley like an “ugly brother.” With that said, Mick Foley is brought out on stage.

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Mick Foley’s Induction Speech

As Foley makes his way to the stage, we see CM Punk (sitting next to Amy “Lita” Dumas) in the front row holding a big “applause” sign. Foley talks about his infamous Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker. Foley said some wrestlers might not have appreciated his style of wrestling, but that mostly everyone recognized his unquestionable passion for the business. Foley jokingly gives a shout out to Damien Sandow. Foley thanks Undertaker. Foley says Undertaker put him on the map. Foley makes a joke about Undertaker never using Twitter. Foley thanks Triple H, Shane Douglas and many others. Foley talks about never pinning Chris Jericho. This leads to Jericho going up on stage. Foley drops an elbow on Jericho and Punk comes up to make the three-count. Well, now Foley has pinned Jericho! Crowd dug that little spot. Foley calls this Hall Of Fame induction his greatest moment ever. Foley’s speech ends with Santa Claus coming out. Foley’s speech lasted over 30 minutes.

Stephanie McMahon Introduces Trish Stratus

Out next is Stephanie McMahon, who will be inducting WWE Divas legend Trish Stratus. Stephanie comes out to new theme music. Stephanie talks about Trish’s RAW main event match against Lita. Stephanie noted that some of Trish’s segments with her were among the McMahon family’s favorites. Stephanie hints that Trish may have another WrestleMania match in the future. Stephanie thanks Trish for all her contributions to WWE and brings her out on stage.

Trish Stratus’ Induction Speech

Trish comes out and thanks Stephanie for the kind words. Trish thanks a long list of names. Trish talks about wrestling early in her career and says she hopes everyone was “Stratusfied” with her career as a wrestler/Diva. Trish thanks Finlay for his work as an agent for the Divas division. She thanks a number of Divas: Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Jazz, Lita, Mickie James and Tara, just to name a bunch. Trish shows off a gift from Jim Ross: the pen she signed her first WWE contract with. Trish tells Lita she loves her, getting emotional while saying it. We shoot to a shot of Lita in the crowd and she too looks emotional. Trish thanked Vince for all he taught her. Trish talked about retiring from wrestling so she could spend time with her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer. Trish is happy to announce that her mother is now cancer-free. Trish gives a shout out to her husband Ron. The crowd boo’d the living crap out of that shout-out. Jealous, eh? Trish played up the response from the fans, saying they are mean for boo’ing her husband. Trish then drops a bombshell – she is pregnant with their first child. She mentions that she’s due in September. Trish’s speech went quite a bit longer than one would imagine as well.

Stevie Ray Introduces Booker T

Out next is Stevie Ray, who will be inducting his brother and former tag-team partner, Booker T. Stevie talked about how when Booker was in prison, he’d always keep up with wrestling and the two would always talk about wrestling when he would visit him. Stevie talks about how Booker overcame a lot of odds in life and is now a legitimate role model. With that said, Stevie Ray introduces Booker T to the stage.

Booker T’s Induction Speech

Booker T comes out and receives a loud “Thank you Booker” chant from the NYC fans in attendance. Booker thanks the fans for letting him be a part of their lives. Booker tells the story of Sid Vicious getting him to join WCW in the 1990s. Booker gives props to the late Sheri Martel and credits her for making he and Stevie Ray’s tag-team, Harlem Heat, legit. Booker talks a bit more about WCW and then transitioned into finally coming to WWE. Booker recalls Linda McMahon informing him, “we got you now.” Booker tells a story about advice Undertaker gave him during his first WrestleMania. Booker thanked Sting. Booker shouts out his wife Sharmell and mentions how he’d marry her a thousand times. Booker jokingly tells the fans they better not boo his wife the way they boo’d Trish’s husband. Nice! Booker says he takes his place in immortality tonight. He then asks if we can dig that. He then calls us sucka’s. Booker closes his induction by giving the fans a Hall Of Fame Spinarooni.

Maria Menounos Introduces Bob Backlund

Out next is Maria Menounos, who will be inducting the legendary former WWE Champion Bob Backlund. Menounos, the Extra TV host and part-time WWE Diva talks about Backlund’s career and how she’s always been a big fan. Menounos shares some memories she has of Backlund. She talks about what great shape Backlund is in, especially for his age. The fans start to ride Menounos a bit, hitting her with some scattered boo’s and “What?!” chants. Menounos finally welcomes Backlund to the stage.

Bob Backlund’s Induction Speech

Bob Backlund comes out. This one is a hard one to recap, as Backlund is not making a whole lot of sense thus far. Backlund rambles some more. Backlund mentions how Mr. H (Triple H, I presume?) needs to sign some amateur wrestler. Eventually, after a long and very weird speech, Vince McMahon comes out to get Backlund off the stage. Backlund’s microphone had to be cut off as well.

Vince McMahon Introduces Donald Trump

Out next is Vince McMahon, who will be inducting Donald Trump into the celebrity-wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame 2013 class. The crowd boo’s Trump’s name the first time they hear it. McMahon talks about how important Trump has been to the WrestleMania franchise. McMahon calls Trump an “institution.” McMahon says other than himself, Trump would be the best candidate to run for president of the United States of America. McMahon talks about getting his head shaved by Trump at a past WrestleMania, noting how it was one of the most embarassing moments ever. McMahon puts over Trump some more and then brings him out.

Donald Trump’s Induction Speech

Donald Trump comes out. The crowd boo’s the living crap out of him. Trump begins his speech. A lot of typical acceptance-speech stuff. Typical celebrity putting over wrestling as best he can, etc. Trump says he wants to break more pay-per-view records, and then officially challenges Vince McMahon to a match at WrestleMania 30. Trump’s speech was one of the shortest speeches of the night, which is good because the show is running a bit long at this point. That and the fact that the crowd seemed to hate Trump, or at the very least wasn’t interested in anything he had to say.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Introduces Bruno Sammartino

Out next is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will be inducting Bruno Sammartino as the final member of the 2013 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame. Arnold says he’s happy to be here tonight. Arnold tells a few jokes. Arnold talks about lifting 400 lbs. recently, noting it was when he lifted New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie out of a chair. Arnold talked about his long friendship with Bruno. Arnold finally welcomes Bruno to the stage.

Bruno Sammartino’s Induction Speech

Bruno Sammartino comes out. Very loud “Bruno” chants break out. The crowd gives Bruno a much-deserved standing ovation. The crowd seems very passionate in their reception to the legendary performer. Bruno talks a bit about his childhood and having to deal with the Nazi’s in Italy. Bruno tells a few more personal stories. Bruno talks a bit about his family, including some stories about his mother and his wife. Bruno says he’s never taken pain killers, or so much as an asprin in his life. Bruno says he still trains six days per week. Bruno puts over Madison Square Garden and mentions how he’s sold out the building many times in his career. Bruno says he owes all of his success to the fans. Bruno gets emotional towards the end of the speech, again noting how he’s nothing without the fans. Bruno finishes up and that’s about it.

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