Details On Paul Heyman’s Approach To Being RAW’s Executive Director

New information has surfaced regarding Paul Heyman's approach to his new role as Monday Night RAW's Executive Director.

Many of the WWE Universe are excited over Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff being appointed Executive Directors.

The hope is that, with their creative input, WWE will be able to present more engaging and entertaining content on their flagship shows. This new initiative is an active attempt at recapturing WWE’s 18-34 year old demographic.

New details have been revealed regarding how Heyman has embraced his role. reports that, although Vince McMahon naturally has the final say, Heyman remains confident that things will change over time.

Apparently, Heyman sits in the middle of production meetings amongst the writing team. He has spoken openly with creative, telling them that Vince McMahon is aware WWE programming needs to be changed. They are hoping to alter their product to recapture its creative edge as well as their lost demographic.

Vince McMahon has, allegedly, conceeded that things need to improve. Because of this, it is believed true change could be on the horizon. The hiring of Heyman and Bischoff in these new roles seems to be the first step towards that transformation.

Many backstage have adopted a “wait and see” approach on the matter. It’s worth nothing that there was more optimism backstage coming off of last week’s Monday Night RAW, which was the first under Heyman’s watch.