Details On Who John Cena’s Next Feud Will Be

According to a reliable WWE source, Nexus leader CM Punk is currently slated to be the next challenger to John Cena’s WWE Championship after Cena’s feud with The Miz is over.

Cena is said to be a big fan of CM Punk and went to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon asking to work with Punk.

We reported a few weeks ago that CM Punk is said to be unhappy behind the scenes in WWE with his lack of push and is strongly considering leaving WWE when his WWE contract expires at the end of the summer.

WWE is still hoping to re-sign Punk and a main event feud with John Cena (as well as another possible title run) could be used as a way to show Punk that he is a highly valued member of the WWE roster.

Even if we do see a program between John Cena and CM Punk, it’s no guarantee that Punk will stick around. Aside from being unhappy with how his character has been booked in recent months, Punk is said to be burned out from the hectic WWE road schedule and might have already made up his mind to take at least a few months off.

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