Details On WWE Having Talks With Sting For Super ShowDown Appearance

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An update on where things stand with WWE and WWE Hall of Famer Sting has surfaced online. 

During Royal Rumble weekend, reported that there had been a lot of talk about Sting being a major part of Super ShowDown. This sparked speculation that he could make a return to in-ring action or make an appearance at the show. 

Sting Spoke With WWE Officials

At the time of the report being released, it was noted that the deal wasn’t done but the conversations had proceeded so far that some believed Sting could appear at the Royal Rumble to start hyping his return. 

Clearly, Sting didn’t appear at the show. Fast forward to Tuesday, released an update that stated they were told on Monday night that those talks of bringing in Sting for the show had died down. 

Thus, it appears that a deal wasn’t reached and Sting won’t be appearing at the show. However, in WWE anything is possible but with WWE bringing in Goldberg for the show, it’s not likely at this time. 

In 2015, it was revealed that Sting had spinal stenosis and wouldn’t be medically cleared. He has since retired from pro wrestling.