Mick Foley’s Son Dewey Joining WWE Creative Staff

Mick Foley has been very critical WWE’s creative direction in recent weeks, publicly grappling with the notion of completely giving up on watching the product. What Foley has failed to mention is that his son Dewey has secured a job with WWE’s writing staff.

According to a source close to the situation, Dewey, 23, will begin working with WWE’s creative team shortly after the holidays. He had been running a blog for WWE creative writing samples, which is now set to private.

Suddenly, Mick Foley’s public damnation of WWE creative suddenly takes on an entirely different perspective.

It’s worth noting that Foley’s daughter Noelle could also be working for WWE in the not so distant future, as there is talk of her becoming a backstage interviewer. During a recent interview with Justin Labar of Chair Shot Reality, Noelle noted that she has done some training in the ring but is focusing on other things.