Diamond Dallas Page Comments On David Arquette’s Return To Wrestling

DDP and David Arquette
DDP and David Arquette

In 2018, David Arquette is a legitimate professional independent wrestler. He’s been competing on episodes of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and traveling to different territories.

The night after All In, he teamed with RJ City and defeated James Ellsworth and Frank the Clown at WW2 in Chicago. At 47 years of age, he’s actually doing it. TMZ reporters recently caught up with Arquette’s “Ready 2 Rumble” co-star Diamond Dallas Page. The DDPY founder says he gave Arquette some advice before he hit the indy scene.

Diamond Dallas Page On David Arquette

“He came to me, he talked to me about this. He wanted to get at least some respect back so I was like ‘dude, go pay your dues,'” DDP said. “I got him doing my DDP yoga program cause ‘you’re going to need it you’re going to be so beat up!'”

“You want to get respect from our fans?” Page continued. “You gotta put the work in.”

Arquette recently competed in Border City Wrestling for Scott D’Amore’s promotion. The show will debut on the Global Wrestling Network next month.

Page also commented on the decision to make Arquette World Champion in WCW.

“It was stupid to do that (WCW making Arquette World Champ) but the fans reacted in a way where they were friggin furious,” DDP told TMZ. “David [] loves professional wrestling and he gets vilified over the last 20 years, it just never stops because they put the World Title on him. I don’t want to spoil this for anybody but wrestling, sports entertainment, is ‘pre-determined.’ The bottom line is it was a storyline and the fans who were really mad there’s not one of them – if they were given the opportunity – who wouldn’t have done it!”

Arquette donated all of his earnings from his original WCW run to the families of Owen Hart and Brian Pillman.

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