Diamond Dallas Page On Rumours Of Having Heat With The Undertaker

Diamond Dallas Page

One of the most controversial storylines during the WWE Invasion angle was the feud between The Undertaker and Diamond Dallas Page based on a story that DDP was the stalker of Taker’s wife Sara.

However, this feud didn’t last long and at the time it was rumored that Page had real life heat with Undertaker. It was also said that The Dead Man was responsible for their feud to be cut short and DDP’s push to be halted.

Although during his recent interview with The Irish Sun, the WWE Hall Of Famer denied these rumors and claimed that he never had any real heat with the Last Outlaw:

“I never had any real heat with ‘Taker, It wasn’t like we didn’t like each other. But our styles didn’t really mix. I knew Mark from WCW before he was ever ‘Taker. And I always liked him.”

Continuing on the topic, Dallas also revealed that The Former World Champion also recently complimented him for his work with DDP Yoga:

“Today Taker and I are tight, He came up to me after he saw The Resurrection of Jake the Snake and said, ‘Dude, what you’re doing for the business and people, in general, is super special.'”

Apart from this, Diamond Dallas Page also commented on his early days in WWE and more.