Did WWE Officials Know About Chris Jericho’s All In Appearance?

While Chris Jericho was originally only expected to make one appearance for NJPW at their Wrestle Kingdom 12 event, things have escalated quickly.

After winning the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, Jericho is not only expected to make a few more appearances for the Japan-based promotion, but there are also talks of him possibly making his Impact debut in near future.

And if that’s not enough; the former World Champion surprised everyone by making an appearance at the All In event where he attacked Kenny Omega and set up the Alpha vs. Omega II for his upcoming cruise.

During the latest episode of his Pwinsider Elite Audio, Mike Johnson talked about Jericho’s All In appearance and speculated that the WWE officials were not aware of it.

According to him, as soon as Chris appeared on the screen, people from the company started messaging him, asking if it was really Y2J making an appearance at the show.

Continuing on the topic, Johnson speculated that since his NJPW appearance didn’t phase the company, Chris Jericho will try sometime else to see if it affects the Officials.

Though it’s worth mentioning here that Chris has talked about his relationship with Vince McMahon and how he will not risk it for anything in the past multiple times.

So it’s entirely possible that Jericho made McMahon aware of his plans but asked him to keep it secret from other officials, and only after seeing Vince’s reaction, he agreed to make an appearance at the indie event.