DJ Z Taken To Mexico City Hospital Last Night After Match *Updated*

Impact Wrestling X-Division star DJ Z was taken to a Mexico City hospital late last night following a match. He had been wrestling for the Crash lucha libre promotion.

Update: A Facebook post by wrestler Charlie Santos states that Michael Paris (DJ Z) has gone in for surgery to repair internal bleeding.

What Happened to DJ Z?

30 year-old Michael Paris explained that after his match he “puked his guts out” and was turning pale. He believes the injury occurred when he took a 450 splash. At the time he felt he had only injured a rib. The video was shot just before 2AM this morning and there have been no further updates.

Crash is a new Lucha Libre promotion that features many luchadors who defected from AAA. Konnan is heavily involved with the group, and they currently have a talent sharing agreement with Impact Wrestling in place.

DJ Z has been wrestling with Impact since 2011 and is a 2x X-division champion. He has previously wrestled under the name Shiima Xion and Zema Ion as well.

UPDATE: Wrestler Charlie Santo mentioned on his Facebook page that Paris is undergoing surgery for internal bleeding. You can read the full post here.

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