Dolph Ziggler Injury Update

Dolph Ziggler

There were concerns Dolph Ziggler was dealing with a broken foot coming out of Survivor Series. Ziggler didn’t wrestle the night after the PPV but could be cleared to compete as early as this weekend according to a report on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Ziggler’s got a foot injury and he may be back within a week,” Dave Meltzer said. “He’s going to be evaluated again on Saturday. I believe he’s going to Cincinnati¬†for Starrcade, he’ll be evaluated there. There’s a chance he may even be on that show if he’s ok.”

“They thought it was a break, which would have been a somewhat serious injury,” Meltzer continued. “He did not have a broken foot so whatever it is, it’s not that bad and they expect him back pretty soon.”

Other WWE Injury Updates

Unfortunately, there is still no timetable for the returns of Alexa Bliss or Becky Lynch at the moment. Lynch is dealing with a concussion suffered a week ago Monday. Bliss has been on the injured list since an October 20th house show when she is thought to have suffered a concussion. WWE is believed to be approaching Bliss’ return cautiously. The multi-time champion is said to have suffered multiple concussions within a short period of time.

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