Don Callis & Chris Jericho Talk Impact Wrestling Being “Hard To Kill”

Don Callis and Scott D'Amore appeared on Talk is Jericho.

Don Callis and Chris Jericho
Don Callis and Chris Jericho

On the heels of Impact Wrestling’s parent company, Anthem Sports and Entertainment, purchasing AXS TV, Don Callis and Scott D’Amore appeared on Talk is Jericho to speak about what the deal means for their company.

“I love Steven Siegal movie titles and I think our first PPV of 2020 should be ‘Hard to Kill'” Callis joked on the show.

Also during the interview, Don Callis made note of a conversation he had with an Impact employee who has been with the company since the beginning. The employee noted that the new deal with AXS gives Impact more security than they’ve ever had previously.

“One of the things that is very interesting to me was a comment made by a longtime employee here, who’s been here since the beginning, 2002,” Callis said on the show. “He said to me ‘Don, this company has never had this stability, even with the very large rights fees that came with the Spike Deal.’ He said ‘I was there for that and we were always wondering when is the shoe going to drop? When is something going to happen? Because we are totally dependent on this deal.’ He said ‘we’ve never had this kind of – not just the backing, not just the partners, we own the network, we own the platform.'”

“That for me was very telling,” Callis continued.

The full Talk is Jericho podcast with Don Callis and Scott D’Amore talking about Impact’s move to AXS is below:


  1. It’s easy to keep something alive when you load how much money into it. My question is, is it like Netflix where it’s in major debt but waiting for those returns “eventually” ? They’re not receiving major funds from networks for their content. Without Anthem funding things they would be gone by now.

  2. Without Dixie’s parents funding them they would have been gone in 2002, without Ted Turner funding WCW it wouldn’t have grown to where it did, without WWE funding NXT it wouldn’t have started, without WWE secretly funding ECW it would have folded years earlier, without the Khans funding AEW it wouldn’t have started, without Sinclair putting ROH on their own channels they may or may not still be around – maybe you get my point? All promotions had to be funded while waiting for eventually at various times in the wrestling biz.

  3. And I’m saying the companies above weren’t either so somehow that is how this unique industry operates strangely and actually Impact is probably making more money for Anthem than some of the others above because they are using the content on their own networks and then selling ads where that content airs (I.e. Fight network in Canada and the UK, Game TV and now ASX) – otherwise they would have to pay for different content for that airtime. Then their partnerships with Sony and other international partnerships pay them something (not sure how much) as do their YouTube partner views – I would expect Impact is more valuable to Anthem than you think it is – and more than some of the promotions above at various points.

  4. Your examples are irrelevant to this situation. The parent company (Anthem) is Impact and the parent company continues to bail out it’s investment although they’re not seeing any return. There is no way they’re making any returns on the Impact product. The only thing Impact has that is HIGHLY valuable is the library. Do you think WWE would still be around if they were in the red after how many years.? Exactly why WCW nor ECW are no longer around it was just bleeding money.


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