Don Callis On Impact Making Offers To Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho

Don Callis recently commented on his attempts to bring Chirs Jericho and Kenny Omega to Impact.

Don Callis and Chris Jericho
Don Callis and Chris Jericho

Don Callis was interviewed recently and commented on his attempts to bring Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho to Impact Wrestling.

According to Callis, Impact would have signed both Jericho and Omega had AEW not come on the scene.

“Obviously I have a relationship that goes back a long time with both,” Callis said. “We made an offer to Chris that was a real good offer. If you could go back in time a year and it was us and WWE and NJPW, I think we would have had both of them but AEW has come on the scene and I think it’s great for the business. It is what it is. I just saw Kenny last week and I remain really good friends with both guys.”

Don Callis, Chris Jericho, and Kenny Omega

Callis expressed interest in signing both Jericho and Omega to Impact at a press conference in Toronto to promote last year’s Slammiversary PPV.

“There’s a young Canadian kid I like, we’d love to sign him, his name is Kenny Omega,” Callis said. “Another is Chris Jericho.”

Impact Wrestling presented United We Stand from Rahway New Jersey on Thursday and a taped show from Windsor on Twitch and Pursuit last night.

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