Don Callis On Impact Wrestling: “The Brand Has Not Been Cool”

Since Anthem announced the new Impact Wrestling management team late last year, the promotion has set out to improve their image.

Scott D’Amore, Don Callis, and Ed Nordholm have now run two sets of TV tapings, a pay-per-view, and several live events since taking over the helm. While ratings and fan response have both seen moderate improvement in the last few months, the bookers know it will be an uphill battle to erase some of the promotion’s past in the minds of wrestling fans.

The three members of Impact’s management team took part in an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated recently.

Don Callis on Re-Building Impact Wrestling

“The brand has not been cool,” Callis stated to PWI. “And we all know that if we create a great product with compelling storylines and excellent talent, and we have an open environment, working collaboratively with talent and with other promotions, we all of a sudden are breaking paradigms of the wrestling business. That will then make us cool and give us a buzz.”

Callis can also be heard on his weekly podcast, “Killin the Town w/ Storm and Cyrus”, giving his theories on wrestling booking. This week, Callis discussed how he is not in favor of scripted promos for wrestlers as he believes few wrestlers are good enough actors to pull this off.

“It’s going to be destination programming,” he said of his plans for Impact. “And we’re not going to have to ask for it. I just think we’re going to get it. And that may sound a bit brash, if I have my executive hat on. But if I and Scott and Ed and the team did not believe we could be the best, then we have no business in this position.”

Impact Wrestling features a branded show this Thursday night. Austin Aries challenges Pentagon Jr. for the Impact World Championship at “Under Pressure”.