Sunday, November 29, 2020

Drake Maverick Explains Why He’s Willing To Do What Others Won’t

NXT Superstar Drake Maverick has explained why he is so willing to do things in WWE that other Superstars may be embarrassed to do.

NXT Superstar Drake Maverick recently joined Alexa Bliss for an episode of her new podcast, Uncool with Alexa Bliss. During their conversation, Maverick opened up about being a team player in WWE and why he is so willing to do things others may balk at.

Reflecting on how he was bullied when he was younger, Maverick noted how the experience helped make him tougher in the long run.

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“Now, you’re talking to the guy when asked to pee himself on worldwide PPV in front of millions of people, I said, ‘yea, I’ll do it.’ A lot of people would be walking around today embarrassed that they did that. Did it entertain people? Did people think it was stupid? Maybe. Did people react to it? It’s the badge of honor of doing something like that. I do stuff that makes other people happy at the expense of myself because I can take it.”

Maverick explained how he may be the “little guy” but it doesn’t stop him from being mentally and physically tough because of his upbringing. He believes these challenges helped to shape him and make him a better person.

“This is my shield. You aren’t ever going to get past that. I’m fine. Nothing you can do can harm me because I have no problem doing it myself,” Maverick said. “I remember toasting a bunch of friends at a Comic-Con and Woods (Xavier) was there as well. I told him, here is a comic convention and all of us thought we were uncool when we were younger and I said, the nerds won.”

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain competed on last night’s episode of NXT, losing their bout against Ever-Rise via disqualification.

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