Drew Gulak Discusses His WWE Contract Expiring, Hiatus & Return

Drew Gulak has spoken

Drew Gulak
Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak opened up on the situation last month where his contract with WWE expired only for him to sign a new deal with the company just days later. 

Gulak became a free agent and his profile from WWE.com was even moved to the alumni section. At the time it was reported that he had asked for a pay increase, which the company declined to do and that’s why his contract expired. 

It was later reported that he had signed a multi-year contract, but there’s no word yet how many years the deal is for.

While doing an interview with Sports Illustrated, Gulak discussed his contractual situation with WWE. 

“I actually never missed a TV. I never missed anything. My hiatus was just three or four days because the contract lapsed. It had nothing to do with anything else, just typical business that comes along with [a contract].

Gulak was also asked whether he was surprised at the amount of coverage that story received?

“I was surprised how much false information was put out there. At the same time, it’s a good thing that people were talking. There was nothing malicious intended behind any of it. The fact that I’m being reported on is a good thing. It just goes to show that people respect me as a performer.”

Gulak is currently in a feud with WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles. A a match was originally booked for last Friday’s episode of SmackDown, but was pulled.