Drew Gulak On Inspiring Daniel Bryan Following Elimination Chamber Match

SmackDown Superstar Drew Gulak has opened up about his friendship with Daniel Bryan and why Elimination Chamber mattered so much to both Superstars.

Photo Credit: WWE

SmackDown Superstar Drew Gulak has opened up about his relationship with Daniel Bryan following their encounter at Elimination Chamber. He was asked by Corey Graves on his WWE podcast After the Bell to explain why their chemistry is so important, and why Elimination Chamber held a special meaning for them.

Gulak explained how Elimination Chamber was “up the street from where I trained.” Not only that, it was also where Daniel Bryan “cut his teeth at the Murphy Rec Center.” That gave the event some extra special meaning to both Superstars.

He reflected on how, prior to Elimination Chamber in March “We never touched in the ring. He got to call my matches at the Cruiserweight Classic, which was kind of cool because that was him getting a chance to kind of see that style.”

Drew Gulak noted how his in-ring technical style is “different” and that he believes he their clash at the pay-per-view “woke up something inside of him to be like, ‘Man I want to do more of that.’” He believes it had a similar effect on a lot of people. He noted how inspiring people to try something and explore a different avenue is something he loves doing.

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