Drew McIntyre Admits He Broke A WWE Rule Following WrestleMania Victory

Newly crowned WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has revealed he broke one of WWE's core rules following his WrestleMania victory.

Newly crowned WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has opened up about breaking a cardinal WWE rule following his victory at WrestleMania 36. Following his historic win over Brock Lesnar, McIntyre reached out towards a camera. He would symbolically connect with the WWE Universe supporting him at home.

McIntyre shared how, as WrestleMania took place in front of zero fans, he found himself in his own little moment. It then clicked that there would be millions of people watching at home, celebrating his momentous accomplishment. It was at this point that McIntyre would break one of WWE’s established rules.

“One of our rules in WWE is that you don’t look down the camera and break the fourth wall, like you wouldn’t do in a movie,” McIntyre explained. “But I couldn’t help myself. In that moment, I just wanted to thank everybody for supporting me, for supporting WWE during this time and choosing WWE to take your mind off these difficult times. I wanted to let everyone know how I felt, and I’m so glad we kept that in the show.”

McIntyre revealed he wasn’t sure if the moment would make the cut. He stressed how he “really meant it” as he reached out.

Drew McIntyre On Reliving His Win

WrestleMania 36 was a pre-recorded event that aired this past weekend. The decision to relocate and record on a closed set was made to protect Superstars and staff amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This led to Drew McIntyre owning the WWE Championship before the WWE Universe finding out.

According to McIntyre, he took the title home with him and locked it in a room. He wouldn’t take it out again until the match had aired. He noted how “things are not official until they happen.” McIntyre then revealed he watched the show live alongside the rest of the world. He enjoyed watching the event, admitting it helped him to take his mind off of things.

“Watching myself was very crazy, being on the couch — watching it just like everyone else, wondering what was going to happen. I kind of pushed out of my head what had happened.”

Drew McIntyre then shared how he reacted during his clash with Lesnar. He divulged that his wife had to move away from him as he was re-enacting moments, darting from side to side as the action played out. When he watched himself win the title, he saw the emotion on his face and remembered how real it was.

“In that moment, it was real again as I was watching it. I went upstairs, I opened the door and I took the title out, now that it was official,” McIntyre said. “I had another moment with my wife in the house, and with my family on Zoom. I had my whole family on there.”

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