Drew McIntyre Offers Advice To WWE Locker Room

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

Former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre the guest of WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on the latest edition of The Jim Ross Report podcast.

During the discussion, McIntyre gave some advice to the WWE roster and commented on whether or not he believes there are any leaders left in the locker room.

McIntyre’s Advice To The WWE Locker Room

As someone who had a run with WWE, was released, improved himself on the independent scene and ultimately returned in a better position, McIntyre had some advice for the WWE roster – especially talent who are frustrated with their roles.

“Don’t blame creative. Don’t sit there with a boo-boo face, you figure out the story and you tell the story cause there’s a lot of people waiting in NXT to take your spot if you’re not willing to step up on Raw. There are the guys, but there is certainly room for more growth. The things I’m saying, there’s a lot of truth to what I’m saying and that’s probably why people are feeling them, probably why they are saying ‘when Drew talks I can kinda feel it’ cause it’s real, because I do believe what I’m saying. I did get released, it was the best thing to happen to me because I finally got reunited with that fire, that passion. I had to sink or swim.

I understand that Raw is the best show in the world, the best product in the world. We have five hours of Raw and Smackdown every week and as good as a lot of it is, there is a lot of filler in there and there is a lot guys just sitting around. They don’t have the passion it is as simple as that. I can say it because I was that guy. I’m disappointed in myself, I wasn’t working my ass off to get to the top, I wasn’t preparing myself in the gym, I wasn’t pitching stories, I wasn’t trying to be a better performer.”

“I think people forget that are in WWE and they become complacent. It just makes me sick because you’ve seen the independent scene right now, you know how much talent is there is out there. I was the NXT Champion I know how much talent is there. They’ve got the fire in their eyes their ready to take their spots and I’m there to make sure that Monday Night Raw is all killer. We don’t any need filler anymore. It all trickles down from the top. Like the whole industry, Monday Night Raw needs to be killer from top to bottom and right now, there’s room for improvement and I’m there to be the wake-up call that it needs.”

What are your thoughts on his encouraging comments? 

(H/T to WrestleZone for the transcribed quotes)

McIntyre’s Path Since Leaving WWE In 2014

Following his first run with WWE that ended with his departure in 2014, McIntyre went back to the indy scene as well as competed in Impact Wrestling where he proved to people that he was someone to keep an eye on and reformed his career.

He re-signed with the sports entertainment company in April 2017 and joined developmental brand NXT. He went on to win the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III by defeating Bobby Roode. This marks the first time that a Superstar won the NXT Title in his TakeOver in-ring debut. He suffered a torn bicep back in November 2017 at an NXT TakeOver event where he lost the title to Andre Almas.

After rehabbing, he came back better than ever and was called up to the main roster earlier this year and was placed on the flagship show of the sports entertainment company, Monday Night RAW. He’s been paired with Dolph Ziggler in recent weeks.