Dustin Rhodes Discusses His AEW Coaching Role

All Elite Wrestling's Dustin Rhodes has opened up about his role as their promo coach, sharing how he helps talent improve for TV.

Dustin Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes

All Elite Wrestling’s Dustin Rhodes isn’t only an in-ring talent. He also uses his vast experience in the industry to help coach AEW talents with their promo skills. Speaking with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling PodcastRhodes opened up about his coaching experience to date and how the talent has been growing under his tutelage. 

A lot of AEW’s roster weren’t initially familiar with adapting their style for a television production. Rhodes acknowledged this fact but noted how “they are handling it pretty good. There are still some things every single week that I see that I go up to them and I tell them.”

Dustin Rhodes’ Feedback

Rhodes shared how there are still occasions where talent will turn around and face the audience rather than the hard cam. Valuing feedback, Rhodes will approach them to let them know how to improve these subtle things that have a massive impact for the “million people at home” rather than the “4,5 or 6,000 in the arena.” 

He continued, “That’s a transition for them to learn because they are coming from the indies and they never had that. Guys like Chris Jericho, myself, Moxley, Cody are teaching that, and it is very important for them to learn. We’ve got three months in now and they are doing good and they are starting to be cognisant of where those cameras are and lifting their heads up because they know the camera is right there to make them look good and the people at home get to see them. If you are looking the other way, they just see your ass and they want to see you.”

Dustin Rhodes recently challenged Inner Circle member Jake Hager. The two will clash at AEW’s next pay-per-view, Revolution, on February 29th. 

H/T to TMPT Empire for the transcription. 

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