Dustin Rhodes Talks Being Denied Match Against Cody In WWE

Dustin Rhodes recently spoke about his match with Cody on Talk is Jericho.

Cody Dustin
(Photo: Ryan Loco)

At 50 years of age, Dustin Rhodes had arguably the greatest night of his professional career at AEW Double or Nothing. He wrestled his brother Cody in a bloody and emotional war that ended with the two embracing in the ring. Cody and Dustin will now team up to take on the Young Bucks at Fight for the Fallen on July 13th.

Dustin was Chris Jericho’s guest on the most recent edition of Talk is Jericho. The former Goldust spoke about being told a match between him and Cody was not good enough for the big show in WWE.

“The stars aligned that night and they aligned for Cody and myself,” Dustin said.

“We really fought hard to get this thing finally done and we were just always told ‘it’s not good enough to be on the big show’ and to me that was bulls**t, they were wrong,” he continued. “I focussed so hard on this that I probably over-focussed because I was so nervous. I’d been out of the ring for 8 months but as soon as the chants started, we could do no wrong.”

Dustin Rhodes vs Cody

“It was perfect in every way for me,” Dustin continued. “Probably, the greatest moment I’ve ever had in my 31 years in the business.”

Dustin also talked about how much blood he lost during the match.

“You do it and you see it start streaming out and it’s like ‘oh no, I went a little too deep,'” he said. “Then 10 minutes go by and now I’m starting to worry a little bit. The whole ring is just red, I can’t see, it’s all in my eyes, I’m trying to wipe it out but it’s just shooting out to my heartbeat. It get scary but then after 15 minutes, I’m like ‘I’m going to be ok.'”