Earl Hebner Comments on When He Found Out About the Montreal Screwjob

Famed referee Earl Hebner sat down with ring announcer David Penzer recently, for Penzer’s “Sitting Ringside” podcast. Hebner spoke on the Montreal Screwjob, and when he found out about it, and what working for WWE was like.

Earl Hebner Interview Highlights

When he found out about what his role would be in the finish to the Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels Match at Survivor Series:

“I found out walking to the gorilla position, I was pulled to the side and was told Vince wants you to do this, and this and this. I thought, Oh my God!'”

His thoughts on what it was like working in WWF/WWE:

“There was so much stress down there (WWE), it was miserable it was like you were in prison.”

The “Twin Referees” Storyline Screwjob of Hulk Hogan in 1988:

“I did count 1,2,3, with Hogan’s shoulders about four feet off the mat, and then my brother came down and there was two of us! We had our little battle royal there and then Hogan figured out that I was the evil one, so he picks me up and tosses me out of the ring over Andre and Virgil. It hurt bad. I injured my rotator cuff, I couldn’t move my arm. That was my first day there. After that night, I had to spend six to eight weeks in rehab.”