Ed Nordholm Addresses Impact Roster, Talks Recent Successes For Impact & Anthem

Ed Nordholm

Anthem Sports and Entertainment’s Ed Nordholm addressed the Impact Wrestling roster yesterday in Nashville. The promotion filmed episodes of Impact Wrestling last night.

According to a report from PW Insider, Nordholm spoke to the roster about the new television deal and the benefits it offers for not just Impact Wrestling but all of Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Impact Wrestling’s Role In The Fight Network’s Success

Nordholm mentioned Anthem purchased Impact Wrestling because it is one of the better ratings draws for the Fight Network. Anthem also owns the Fight Network. The combat sports dedicated TV network has distribution deals all over the world and recently announced new deals in 2018 in the United Kingdom and Mexico. The Fight Network’s growth in 2018 is also an accomplishment Impact Wrestling can take partial credit for. Impact has value to Anthem beyond revenue earned from TV deals or PPVs, they are helping to expand the reach of the Fight Network and other properties of Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Is Anthem Looking to Sell Impact Wrestling?

Nordholm also denied reports that the company was looking to sell. There had been reports that the company was looking to sell to AEW. Nordholm, however, denied the company was looking to sell.

Impact Wrestling On The Pursuit Channel

Nordholm also addressed the benefits of the new TV deal in the United States, where the promotion will air on the Pursuit channel. He again mentioned that part of the reason Anthem purchased Impact Wrestling was to provide benefits to their other properties, such as the Pursuit channel, which Anthem owns a minority stake in.

Another benefit of the new deal with Pursuit is that they are able to post full episodes to Twitch and even air them live at the same time as the show airs on Pursuit, Friday’s at 10 PM est. Now anyone with access to the internet can watch episodes of Impact Wrestling as they air for free.

Impact Wrestling is expected to hold another PPV in April. The promotion traditionally holds their Lockdown PPV in April. It’s not clear if the all steel cage PPV will be returning in 2019, however.