Eddie Edwards Discusses New Impact Wrestling Creative Team, Future Of The Promotion

Former World Champion Eddie Edwards continues to be one of the best wrestlers in Impact Wrestling.

Throughout his time with the promotion, which started when he and Davey Richards decided to go to TNA back in 2014 after a successful run in Ring of Honor, Edwards has won several titles in the company including the World, X-Division, and Tag Team Championships.

Edwards recently spoke with SportsKeeda to talk about various topics. During this interview, he discussed Scott D’Amore and Don Callis being in charge of creative of Impact Wrestling and the future of the promotion.

“ I do. I have total confidence in what’s going on in the office right now. Between Anthem, Scott, Don, Sonjay and stuff, it’s a great combination. The lines of communication between the boys and the office are open. Everybody’s on the same page. You can’t have people pulling in different directions.

So right now, whether it’s one or two steps at a time, we’re all going in the same direction. I have full confidence in what the office is doing right now.”

The latest pay-per-view event that Impact Wrestling held was their Redemption show, which took place on April 22, 2018, in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. He was asked if this show was the start of a new regime for Impact.

“It’s a continuation of the regime we have right now. We’re all going in the same direction right now. Day by day, they want to make the product better. Bring it back to the heights it was at before and then pass and eclipse that.

So, the Redemption pay-per-view showed everybody being on the same page. You could tell. Everybody wants to see the product exceed and excel.”

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