Edge Continues His Storyline With Randy Orton Despite Injury Setback

Edge gave the latest

Edge victorious at WrestleMania

As promised, Edge made an appearance on Monday’s episode of Raw to provide an update on his future. 

Of course, the WWE Hall of Famer is on the sidelines after he suffered a torn triceps injury in his latest match under the WWE banner. 

During Raw, Edge appeared by sitting in a ring. He stated that Orton won their match and injured him, but he kicked out and kept fighting. He stated that Orton is full of BS and brought up Orton hitting him with a low blow. He said that he was disappointed that he didn’t see it coming and he didn’t do it first. Edge said it wouldn’t happen again. Because of the injury and not being able to pick up his daughters on Father’s Day, it showed him that he needed to wake up a side of him that he’s been gone for way too long. 

Edge said that when Orton punted Christian in the head last week, Orton put the Rated PG Superstar to rest and woke up the side of him that will sink to any level to get what he wants. Edge vowed to make Orton pay for that and Orton has no idea what he has done because he woke up the evil inside of him, the Rated R Superstar. 

The injury happened while doing re-takes for a singles match against Randy Orton at the WWE Backlash pay-per-view event.

WWE used the “greatest match ever” tagline to further hype it. At the time of his injury, it was reported that he would be on the shelf for several months due to recovery time.