Edge Discusses Possibility Of In-Ring Return, WWE Stars He Likes

Even though Hall of Famer Edge has retired from professional wrestling since 2011, he has been part of the WWE in one way or another, particularly with his podcast E&C Pod of Awesomeness. Recently he discussed the possibility of himself making an in-ring return and which current WWE superstars has caught his eye.

Speaking to The New York Post, Edge revealed what he thinks his comeback to the ring would look like. Since Shawn Michaels came out of retirement recently, Edge was asked whether he thinks of making a return at his age.

“Ah no. (Laugh.) Well, here’s the thing: People as much as they want it, it’s not going to be what they want. It’s very rare. Especially when you get performers into their 40s and 50s, it’s not an easy job. It’s a very, very difficult thing physically.”

“I personally think your body isn’t meant to do it past 40 years old. It’s just a really, really physically demanding, taxing thing. And I know people hop in and they do one-offs here and there, but I just think it’s a matter of time before eventually they are going to get hit with some kind of injury bullet, because it’s not normal to do to your body, especially once you start getting up in middle age.”

Edge also thinks that former WWE Champion AJ Styles and IC Champion Seth Rollins could have a classic match with him, but it simply isn’t possible anymore for him.

“So, hey, do I know A.J. Styles and I could have an amazing match, Seth Rollins and I could tear it down and have a classic, yeah, if it were me at 35, not me at 45. And not me at 45 not having stepped in a ring for eight years.”

Edge made his debut in the WWE in 1997 and went on to hold 31 championships in his decorated career in the company. He retired in April of 2011 due to cervical spinal stenosis as he was deemed unclear to ever compete. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012.

The Rated R Superstar also discussed about the current WWE stars Becky Lynch and Drew McIntyre who have grabbed his attention.

“I’ve been kind of touting Becky for a while, just from the kind of organic reaction she’s gotten from the audience. They want her as the focal point of the division, and it was very, very obvious and thankfully they listened and kind of allowed it to happen, which is real cool and fun to watch.

I really like watching McIntyre right now. I think he reinvented himself. I’ve always really liked Drew and it’s great to see him come back with the right mentality and get this opportunity because he’s has that right mentality.”