Edge Has High Praise For NWA Powerrr

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has high praise for NWA's YouTube show, Powerrr.


The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) has been receiving praise for their show, Powerrr, since it first premiered on YouTube. Many people have pointed to its old-school aesthetic as providing something different compared to other options. Now WWE Hall of Famer Edge has praised the show.

Taking to Twitter, Edge wrote “I love #NWAPowerrr it’s a love letter to 70’s and particularly 80’s wrestling, which is when I fell head over heels in love with this colorfully insane beast. The promos, the action, the lack of dives. Ahhhhh. Good job @Billy Good job @Lagana Good job everyone else involved.”

Powerrr has received positive feedback from other wrestlers including Mickie James and NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER. WWE commentator Corey Graves has previously said it was a “Really fun throwback presentation. Old school in a good way” while Bully Ray praised the talent, adding that NWA Powerrr had “Good character development and storytelling.”

Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has given the show a chance, enjoying what he saw. He congratulated the team behind it, reflecting on his time growing up within the territory system as he pinpointed the show’s “cool vintage feel.”

“Congrats Jim, the boys, crew etc. Stumbled across this show last night and enjoyed it. I grew up in territories and started my career at channel 5 in Memphis so I have a lot of love/respect for small scale, crowd tv shows. Cool vintage feel. Keep working hard boys. Rock”

NWA Powerrr is available to watch every Tuesday via their official YouTube page. You can watch their most recent episode below: