Edge Shares Filming Details On “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”

Edge gave some details

Edge has opened up on the filming process involving his contest against Randy Orton that was hyped as the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.”

The bout took place in the headliner of the WWE Backlash pay-per-view event earlier this month. WWE taped this match in advance to make sure it was the best match possible.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, the WWE Hall of Famer opened up on the match. He started out how he was happy with the final product of the match. 

“Contrary to the experts, it was not taped over seven or eight hours, it was once, straight through, and then we did four pick-up shots. I’ve seen people complain about the (under the rope) shot of the DDT. That’s a total of two seconds.”

He stated that if that ruined the entire match for you then you have bigger issues. He stated everyone needs something to complain about, but he considers it to be a huge test to see where he’s really at in this new incarnation of how he wants to wrestle going forward. 

He understands the fans are used to seeing several superkicks and flips in matches, but that’s not going to be his style. He wants the match where Bret Hart, Undertaker, and Gerald Brisco are going to text him after it. 

He said if that takes a re-education of the industry and fanbase, then so be it.

“Those pick-up shots, I hated them, and it was my idea. I saw the first cut, without any of that in, and I was like, ‘We don’t need them,’ but Vince loved it. I was like, ‘Damnit, now they’re going to be in there.’”

Unfortunately, the former WWE Champion sustained a torn triceps during the re-takes of a spot for the match. As a result, he’s been placed on the sidelines for the next few months if not longer.