Edge Shares The Only Time He’s Felt Nervous In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has shared the one and only time he has truly felt nervous during his lengthy WWE career.


WWE Hall of Famer Edge has revealed the only time he has been nervous during his pro wrestling career. Opening up to Digital Spy, Edge pointed to his recent return to the ring at this year’s Royal Rumble matchup where he was a surprise entrant.

“At the Royal Rumble, that was the first time I ever felt nerves,” Edge confessed. “Once the music hit, then it was just… you can’t explain it. You can’t do it justice.”

He continued, “There is no way to explain this melting pot of things that all came together, after nine years being off and being forced to retire. It is a story that has never happened before and to be in the center of that is just overwhelming, it really is. I don’t know if I have fully wrapped my mind around the whole thing.”

Edge was sadly forced to retire from in-ring action 2011 due to severe neck issues. Having made his triumphant return to WWE, however, he is now scheduled for a matchup at WrestleMania 36. Edge will face off against Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing matchup.

WrestleMania 36 takes place on April 4 and April 5 from multiple locations including an empty WWE Performance Center. The “Show of Shows” will be pre-recorded in a controlled environment due to the coronavirus pandemic.