Elias Allegedly Cut The Promo Jon Moxley Hated

Elias had the honor of delivering the promo that incensed Jon Moxley back in November 2018.

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Jon Moxley spoke openly with Chris Jericho during his interview on Talk Is Jericho. One of the things addressed was his hatred of WWE’s scripted promos.

One script, however, was just too much for him, and so he pushed back. This promo, intended for an LA audience, contained the now infamous phrase “pooper scooper.” The note he got back from creative when he questioned them informed him that he needs to “read his promos verbatim and not try to rewrite them.”

It was noted by Dave Meltzer, of Wrestling Observer Radio, that this week’s Monday Night RAW featured the promo that Moxley had issues with.

With WWE returning to LA, Meltzer postulated that either WWE’s creative team or Vince McMahon himself liked the promo and simply wanted to use it.

The Superstar chosen? Elias.

Elias opened the show, insulting the Los Angeles audience with terms and insults seemingly lifted straight from the Moxley script.

A few things were tweaked or changed in order to modernize it—such as a reference to LA Laker, Anthony Davis—but the crux of the piece remained the same, with Elias calling the people “pieces of garbage” and “more toxic than the air.”

Elias was attacked by Seth Rollins before he had the chance to mention a pooper scooper.