Enzo Amore Announces Post-WWE Live Performance

Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore (Photo Credit: WWE.com)

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, now going by the name ‘Real 1’, continues to attempt to make a name for himself outside of the WWE world and build up his reputation as a rapper.

On Wednesday, he announced his first-ever live performance in two weeks would take place in California. He wrote the following, “I’m going-going back-back to Cali-Cali … COME  SEE ME DOG. 11.19.18. meet & greet. new merch. comedy. And… NEW MUSIC!”

Amore has gone on record by stating that he will never wrestle again due to him working on starting a hip-hop career. He has made appearances in a non-wrestling capacity at other wrestling events and released several music videos over the past few months.

Amore parted ways with the WWE after rape allegations were made against him. If you recall, the WWE was not aware of the rape allegations against Amore until January of this year once the media reached out to them for comments once the allegations went viral on Twitter.

Amore denied the allegations were true. The reason that WWE cut ties with him was over the fact that Enzo failed to notify officials that he was being investigated. It should be noted that the investigation against him has been closed and no charges were ever filed against him.