nZo Says WWE Wanted To Bring Him Back Before His Survivor Series Stunt

nZo (formerly known as Enzo Amore) was fired from WWE when he was accused of sexual assault back in January 2018. He was under investigation by the police and he hadn’t informed WWE of the matter, and thus was fired.

After getting fired from the company, Enzo made an unwelcome appearance over a year ago on Survivor Series 2018 where he attended the event and stood on his seat and caused a disruption. He was removed from the venue by security and Staples Center banned him from future events at the venue.

Amore talked about this matter while appearing on Talk Is Jericho and also revealed that he had actually been offered a return to the company. He denied the offer and said that he was in a different “headspace” at the time.

“So, they had called me a week before, bro … somebody called me from WWE, and it might have been Vince. It was the office’s number plus one. So that’s the first number outside the generic office’s number, I don’t know who it is. Maybe they’re calling me to tell me, ‘Hey, we’ve got some copyright issues’ or something. Or maybe they’re calling me to bring me back or something. But I had a few people in the office contact me about a month prior about coming back. Would I interested, or where my head [was] at. [I was] like, ‘Hell no, I’m in a different headspace, I’m not trying to come back.’ I had bought Survivor Series tickets, that second-row seat about a month and a half prior, so I knew I was doing it. So by the time they called me, it was, ‘Do I answer this call, or do I show up at their PPV?’ And I knew, like I said, I wanted to book myself back into pro wrestling, and I wanted to be the nWo. But how do you do that in 2019 and make it real, and make it interesting, and make the world buzz? Well, let’s throw a wig on. [laughs]”

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Enzo also added that the next day after the Survivor Series incident, WWE sent a company-wide memo to everybody in the office to tell them to not talk to him or do any business with him.

While Enzo initially alluded that he was done with wrestling altogether and started pursuing a career as a rapper with the stage name Real1, he has returned to independent wrestling and wrestled his first match since January 2018 on 16 August this year at Northeast Wrestling’s Prison Break event. He defeated Brian Pillman Jr. under the nZo ring name.

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