Enzo Amore Releases Second Music Video, WWE Fans On Who Is Their Current Favorite Champion

Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Enzo Amore Releases Second Music Video

Former Cruiserweight Champion and former WWE Star Enzo Amore started his music career last month when he released his first rap song titled Phoenix on May 28th.

Now despite the fact that his first single was not a critical success, the former Cruiserweight Star has launched his second music video. The song titled “Bury Me A G” can be seen below:

Enzo Amore was fired from WWE following Raw 25 when a story about him being investigated for rape allegations became viral. Though it was revealed last month that authorities won’t be filing any charges against Amore and the investigation of the case has been closed.

WWE Fans On Who Is Their Current Favorite Champion

WWE.com has a new poll asking fans who is their favorite champion from the current roster and the options include all the Champions from NXT as well.

As of this writing, the Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins is leading the poll with 29% votes. He is closely followed by the WWE Champion AJ Styles who has 27% vote share.

Surprisingly, the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar sits at the 6th position with only 5% votes and the United States Champion Jeff Hardy (8%) North American Champion Adam Cole (7%) and NXT Champion Aleister Black (6%) are favored by the fans over the Beast.