Enzo & Big Cass Say ROH “Ghosted” Them

Enzo and Big Cass spoke to Chris Jericho about their invasion of the G1 Supercard in MSG.

Big Cass Enzo Amore
CaZXL and nZo (formerly Big Cass & Enzo Amore)

Enzo and Big Cass invaded the ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden this spring. ROH never brought the duo back, however, and never capitalized on the segment. Enzo and Cass were on an episode of Talk is Jericho that was released recently and spoke about their dealings with Ring of Honor.

Jericho asked Enzo and Cass why the invasion was never followed up on.

“The ball is still on the playing court, I don’t know who’s got it but they dropped it,” Enzo said.

“We got f***ing ghosted,” Cass added. “I cut a promo on the Briscoes on Twitter a few weeks after cause I was shoot hot. Because the person that we were in contact with, we didn’t get a text that said ‘good job, thank you,’ nothing. They didn’t answer our texts, completely f***ing ghosted. I just wanted a ‘thank you.'”

They would continue to talk about how many of the wrestlers didn’t know what was going on and the invasion potentially could have been a dangerous situation for them.

“We trended #1 worldwide over the WWE Hall of Fame, over Bret Hart getting attacked, over the G1 Supercard itself and the NCAA Final Four,” Cass continued.

“I don’t understand how a few fans complaining on Twitter could cause someone to be like ‘Nah, let’s not use them,’ it’s mind-blowing,” he continued.

Cass would continue to say that he and Enzo were supposed to be at the next ROH event in Chicago but they never heard back from ROH management after MSG.

“Got ghosted, then I saw pictures from that event and I don’t know, attendance didn’t seem like it was very good for that show,” Cass said.

This part of the conversation begins around the 47-minute mark: