Enzo Responds To Joey Janela’s Challenge

Joey Janela put out an interesting challenge to Enzo of the Free Agentz.

Joey Janela Enzo
Joey Janela and Enzo Amore

Since invading the G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden last weekend, Enzo and Big Cass have announced they are reforming their tag team. Now known as the Free Agentz, nZo and CazXL say they aren’t signing any exclusive contracts and could potentially appear in any promotion.

One promoter/wrestler, GCW’s Joey Janela, sent a message to Enzo on Twitter. He challenged Enzo to appear on next year’s Bloodsport event:

For those unfamiliar with Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport, the annual event uses a more realistic style similar to the UWF promotion in Japan during the 1980s. Minoru Suzuki and Josh Barnett wrestled in the main event of the show this year.

Enzo posted the following to his Twitter account the next day:

Janela then issued the following response:

When asked if he actually has beef with Enzo, however, Janela stated he is just having fun.

Enzo and Big Cass Are The Free Agentz

Enzo and Cass told SI.com this week that they do not plan on signing any exclusive contracts. This would theoretically free up the pair to appear on a GCW show at some point in the future if Enzo and Janela plan on capitalizing off their online back-and-forth.

“This is the real-life NWO,” said Enzo this week to Sports Illustrated. “We are not signing any exclusivity contracts, we are not signing a non-compete. We have all the right in the world to promote ourselves shamelessly and have as much fun as we want. If fans want to see us in a ring, then let their voices be heard.”