Eric Bischoff Comments On Bringing Master P Into WCW

Eric Bischoff recently talked about Master P's time in WCW.

Eric Bischoff - Master P

In numerous books and podcasts covering World Championship Wrestling, much has been made about Eric Bischoff’s deal to bring Master P into the company. The famous rapper was involved in a storyline along with his No Limit Soldiers against the West Texas Rednecks in 1999.

Bischoff himself recently commented on Master P’s deal with WCW on a recent episode as his 83 weeks podcast. The 83 Weeks YouTube channel released two videos on the subject today.

“His presence on MTV was another reason why by 1999 we were pretty interested in him,” Bischoff said regarding Master P’s mainstream credibility at the time.

“Master P had a very, very large and important audience. A much younger audience than WCW had that was in a silo. That was a demographic that may or may not have paid attention to WCW without integrating somebody like Master P into a storyline.”

“There was a lot of good reasons to do it,” he continued. “I take exception to the fact that wrestling fans consider this kind of a joke move.”

Bischoff’s comments can be heard in the player below:

Eric Bischoff On What Led To Master P Leaving WCW

Bischoff also refuted reports that happened at the time that Master P left WCW due to a deteriorating relationship with WCW management.

“Master P was never a long-term deal,” Bischoff said on the show. “It was a short-term program as was Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman was never going to be a long term player.”

Those comments were released in a separate YouTube video:

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