Eric Bischoff On If Goldberg Was Intentionally Made To Look Like Stone Cold Steve Austin

Eric Bischoff clears air on similarities between Goldberg and Steve Austin

Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff 2019

WCW introduced Goldberg on their programming only a year into Stone Cold Steve Austin’s rise to mainstream popularity and due to their similar looks and attires, a lot of people wondered if the former WCW star was their response to The Texas Rattlesnake.

During the recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, the WCW President at the time, Eric Bischoff talked about a number of things and also revealed whether the similarities between these two stars were intentional.

Bischoff said that he can understand why fans and Bruce Prichard, who has previously said that Goldberg was an intentional rip off of Stone Cold, feel that way. According to him, some of this comparison is very obvious.

However, continuing on the topic, Eric claimed that the former World Champion looked the way he did the first day these two met and that was before Goldberg joined WCW in 1996. He made his debut for the promotion a year later.

Later he explained that Bill might have had Steve Austin fetish but every image he has seen of Goldberg even when he was playing in the NFL before wrestling, he looked the same way. Eric said that a lot of it is inherent and coincidental.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Eric also admitted that Goldberg’s attire was similar to Steve Austin but he claimed that nobody set around in a room and discussed how to make him look like the WWE Megastar.

You can check out the complete episode of his podcast here.